Services Overview

We are a full service electronic recycler, providing a wide range of services to assist in the management of unwanted, excess, obsolete products and recyclable materials.

The need to implement corporate environmental and socially responsible programs is a requirement in today’s business climate. GER’s is here to assist our customers in doing just that. The effects on profitability, increasing civil and criminal liability, and greater public disclosure underscore the need for dedicated environmental management and more progressive approaches to managing and eliminating waste. GER prides itself in offering our services to assist businesses in the task of optimizing recovery and reuse opportunities and generating zero waste.

GER’s Audit-able, Documented End of Life Management & eCommerce Solutions

Our audit-able, documented End of Life management solution minimizes and eliminates landfill use, while creating a win-win value. As part of our full service offering, we also have a B2B/B2C ITAD business for re-sale of approved goods to capture maximum returns and profitable solutions. Add this to our approved downstream network of partners and we are able to offer a complete one stop shop for end of life, or unwanted materials.

GER’s robust e-commerce model is in place to provide a full service re-marketing and resale solution for approved materials. When approved to do so, we regularly process and resell all types of consumer electronics, Test and Production Equipment, IC’s, discrete components, Computer systems, Consumer electronics, Audio and Video Systems, and all related cables and components on a regular basis.

Our offering includes the complete end-to-end management and processing of materials from freight management, processing, material destruction through final processing (recycling, smelting etc.) along with an aggressive win-win revenue sharing model for precious metal recovery. In all cases, GER manages materials in a safe and responsible manner and offer a complete turnkey solution.

Specialized Recycling Services

GER offers a wide range of services that are tailored to your organization’s needs.  Our team of experts will work in partnership with your organization to ensure the most efficient, effective and environmentally compliant solution while optimizing the value of your recyclable assets.

Industries we service:

  • Manufacturing
  • Government (GSA Contract Holder)
  • Telecommunications
  • Municipalities
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Education
  • Electronics & OEM’s

Services offered:

  • Electronics Recycling
  • Data Destruction
  • Witnessed Destruction Services
  • Environmental Compliance Solutions
  • Brand Protection
  • Decommissioning Solutions
  • Asset Recovery – ITAD
  • Mobile Devices
  • High Security Services
  • Zero Waste Solutions


GER has built a strong security programs to protect our employees, clients, visitors and materials.

We employ the latest security controls, on-site security personnel and state of the art monitoring systems and access control points with inspections and metal detection.

Protecting GER’s business, employees, clients and materials is critical to our effectiveness.

GER performs Risk Reviews on an annual basis as part of our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan. This review is done by GER’s Executive Management, our BCP Lead and key staff members.

it-security-breachEmployee training is conducted on security, environmental & quality management systems, health & safety protection, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCP), threat awareness, and equipment operations to ensure understanding of the policies & procedures.

Regular meetings are held with employees to review procedures, discuss issues, address concerns and communicate changes. Training records are maintained as well as an employee  training matrix.

Our new-hire training program includes such components as emergency response, fire-fighting safety, hazard communication, location of MSDS’, ergonomics, forklift operation, use of personal protective equipment and proper evacuation routes and safe meeting areas.

GER also conducts monthly Safety meetings to address new items and review standard operating procedures along with daily and weekly safety inspections.

Additionally GER is active participants in industry training events and risk discussions as part of these sessions. GER also has a comprehensive Security and Threat Awareness Training Program that is hosted by our on-site, 3rd party security partner.

Please visit our contacts page for our certified facilities list.


Compliant with all OSHA Safety Standards

We have assigned safety personnel that consist of an Operations Manager (who is also our designated Business Continuity Plan Lead) along with a Shop Floor Lead. Together, they are responsible to ensure our policies are in place and all employees are trained and following corporate procedures.

We also employ a 3rd party group who assist with our Environmental Health and Safety program and regular internal audits. Beyond these, all employees are trained on our safety policies and procedures are all responsible to ensure we create and maintain and safe and healthy working environment.


GER’s Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System outlines a robust health and safety program that we employ throughout our operations. Its QEH&S Policy states “We are equally committed to meet or exceed our customer requirements, to continually improve our processes, to prevent pollution and work place injuries, and to maintain compliance with relevant environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and data security legislation and regulations.”

The information in this General Safety and Health Plan states basic safety rules and procedures that are to be followed by all company employees. Here is a brief excerpt from it:

Global Electronic Recycling, LLC is totally committed to employee safety and loss control. It is our intention:
• That all employees work under the safest conditions possible;
• That we maintain a workplace and equipment free from recognized hazards; and
• That we provide information, training, and supervision to enable employees to perform their jobs safely, through a Daily Agenda and Safety Meeting every morning.