An Experienced Team You Can Count On

Our Co-Founders each have decades of experience in the scrap metal, materials recycling, and asset recovery services, computer and consumer electronics industries.

GER’s personnel are pleased to provide customers access to our vast network of re-sale and recycling opportunities. We utilize our numerous partnerships to open markets to our customers. Our team is highly adaptable and quickly adjusts to changing business requirements. We design solutions to meet our clients’ needs and partner to create a green future. Lets us design a specialized solution that meets your needs today.

p_5GER’s engaged leadership team takes and active role in the business and the recycling industry.

GER’s Executive team is fully engaged in the day to day operation and are active participants in industry leadership events (ISRI etc). They stay aware of trends, government issues, considerations, risks and laws relevant to our business.
Our founder and President, Mr. Gary Kirkpatrick has been involved in the scrap metal, materials recycling, and asset recovery services industry for over 20 years. He has successfully managed the several brokerage and recovery operations during the course of his career and is considered an expert in our industry. Mr. Kirkpatrick is a key part of the effectiveness of the operation and actively monitors commodity markets while expertly navigating downstream partnerships to drive strong profitability.
Our executive team works closely to drive the strategic direction of the company and are actively involved in the supporting the local communities by participating in community events and their work with charities.
Complementing our executive is a team of professionals that manage the daily operations of our business including a local workforce having a variety of warehousing and transportation skills.
As part of GER’s continuous improvement approach, the management team is very open to ideas and suggestions brought by any of their employees, team members partners etc.

What It Takes To Be A Leader

Sustainable practices, with a long-range view and a solid growth strategy 

GER recognizes the explosive growth in recycling and the desire for large companies to become more socially & environmentally responsible. During the recent downturn while many of GER’s peers consolidated, downsized or closed operations, we took an active leadership role with a long-range view by adding additional square footage, shredding equipment, and high capacity baling equipment. We also expanded our flexible labor agreements to provide even greater opportunity for existing and new clients. GER’s steady growth and investments has positioned us as a solid industry leader with sound financials.

Additionally, we strive to stay current on new legislation and requirements by playing an active role and maintaining memberships in many industry organizations, and by receiving regular industry publications – ISRI, EPA, ADEQ, BBB, IAER, and NCER. In addition, we exhibit and attend annual trade shows and training sessions as part of our normal business practice – E-Scrap & ISRI local chapter, regional and national meetings.

GER’s entire team is dedicated to ensuring all clients and materials are managed in the upmost professional manner

  • Relationships Built on Trust
  • Open and Honest, 2-Way Communication
  • Responsive, Adaptable, Agile and Alligned
  • Fast, Friendly, Reliable, Safe and Secure

By partnering with GER, you benefit from industry leading best practices and become part of a community of numerous Fortune 1000 clients. You will also benefit from our community involvement activities, learn about in-retail store Consumer Take-Back programs, participate in our Corporate eScrap/eWaste Collection Bin program and many more offerings that drive greater awareness and improved recycling and landfill reduction electronic materials.

Flexibility & Innovation

Our multiple types of shredders and equipment to better serve a diverse customer base 

We are not a cookie cutter recycler with only one large shredder. We have a built our sites around numerous types and sizes of shredding, granulating, pulverizing and bailing equipment to handle all types of materials and client needs.

Specialized Solutions & Inventions 

Our in-house team of experts have designed customized equipment to meet our diverse client base. Our innovative separation systems were designed and built in-house and ensure the highest level of recyclable materials that capture the greatest recycling content and value.

GER fosters an environment built on creativity, flexibility and innovation

GER has numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 clients that have a diverse set of requirements. This diversity helps foster creativity and innovation so that a complete end-to-end  Specialized Recycling Solution is developed for each client. GER’s ability to align and partner to meet diverse needs provides a strategic competitive advantage and is part of GER’s value proposition.

Account Representatives ensure each clients needs are captured and addressed

GER’s Account Representatives are responsible to handle the daily interaction and associated tasks of each account/client to ensure a healthy relationship is maintained. Additionally, this position is responsible to ensure systems and processes are established and maintained to meet the client’s needs while fostering a mutually beneficial model. The Operations Teams who process materials are organized to allow maximum safety, flexibility and efficiency.