Environmental Responsibility

Helping local communities and partners become more socially and environmentally responsible.

We have partnered with numerous municipalities, schools and social services to offer collection services for many communities.

Corporate Citizenship

We walk the talk. Internally we strive to reduce, reuse then recycle throughout our operation and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes:

  • Installation of Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Internal Recycling Program
  • Installation of Localized Solar Panels
  • Maximum Freight Consolidation
  • Measure & Report CO2 Emissions
  • Zero Landfill Approach & Measures
Visit GER’s Facebook page for more examples at http://www.facebook.com/GlobalElectronicRecycling.
Industry Environmental Program Active Participant.
GER was recently awarded the Environmental Stewardship Award from the Keep Arizona Beautiful non-profit group. Watch the video here – http://vimeo.com/25421941
Additionally, we take a leadership role within our industry by participating in numerous events, training, trade shows and meetings.
We also offer larger corporate clients on-site collection bins at their locations so they may participate in keeping unwanted electronics from going into local landfills. Once their bins are full, we pick them up and responsibly recycle the contents.

Featured Programs

Consumer & In-Store Electronic Take Back Programs

We offer our retail clients, in-store collection services for consumers to bring in and drop-off unwanted electronic items. This program is easy to set up and helps keep our landfills free of electronics. This program is completely managed by GER and provides retailers with an easily administered program. Give us a call to learn more.

Additionally, we have partnered with numerous municipalities, schools and social services to offer collection services for many communities and corporations.



Community and Charity Programs

GER hosts numerous community events for free drop off and collection of unwanted electronics. We also participate and exhibit at many industry conferences and trade-shows (i.e. ISRI, Consumer Electronic Show Las Vegas and E3), and have been quoted in articles and have ads in magazines. We are also active on Facebook where you can find many examples of our daily activities. Feel free to visit us at http://www.facebook.com/GlobalElectronicRecycling.

Other community and charity programs we take part in are:

  • Annual Charity Golf Tournament
  • Community Sports Team Sponsorship
  • Consumer Take Back Programs
  • Community Recycling Drives
  • Support Non-profit Organizations
  • End User Returns Programs

We recycle internally and have installed energy efficient lighting, as well as localized solar panels to reduce our power consumption. Our goal is to strive for maximum freight/load consolidation to minimize our carbon emissions. We track our landfill usage on a daily basis and are proud to report that nearly 99% of all goods we process never end up in landfills and the remaining 1% are generally non-recyclable by-products.

For some clients we track/report Carbon Footprint Calculations and savings of Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions (MTCE), Metric Tons of C02 Emissions (MTC02E), and Million BTU’s of Energy by using our company to process their goods. We can also translate these into real terms such as: “YOUR COMPANY has saved enough energy this month to power XX US households for 1 year, saving X,XXX barrels of oil and XX,XXX gallons of Gasoline.”

GER supports many charitable organizations whereby we participate in helping/supporting in whatever way is best for them. This can include providing materials (if needed and approved by the material provider), financially, etc. I.e. Keep Arizona Beautiful, Lions Club, Love House Kids etc.

GER helped create and is a primary sponsor of the Love House Kids program. This service provides shelter and other services to abused children. (for more info please visit  www.lovehousekidsprograms.org )

GER has sponsored local little league teams and individual athletes as part of our community outreach efforts and has donated to local schools and churches.Internally, GER also works to maintain high employee morale and a balanced work/life ratio and often awards employees and family members with free tickets to local sporting events, free lunches, dinners etc.