A Few Words About Us

Since 1998, GER personnel have assisted thousands of industrial, commercial, military, and governmental clients with Specialized Recycling and Asset Recovery Services, and we have improved our client’s corporate environmental compliance immensely.

GER accomplished this by providing manageable solutions and locating profitable end-markets for obsolete and recyclable materials. In recent years, these services have been refined to focus on the asset recovery value of electronics and electronic components. GER is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

GER has established a reputation for quality and secure processing of client’s materials.

GER has a robust Quality and Environmental Management Systems and an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) system in place. GER is an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 registered company and are also one of a limited number of recyclers who has achieved and maintained both R2:2013 and RIOS certifications.

Be confident your electronic scrap, overstock, or obsolete electronics are protected and properly recycled. GER’s zero landfill approach ensures utmost corporate and social responsibility. Improve your corporate downstream by joining numerous Fortune 500’s, US military and government agencies who benefit financially by partnering with GER.

We walk the talk. Recycling is in our name!

We are committed to meet or exceed our customer expectations and to provide continuous improvement of our processes. Also, we are committed to the prevention of pollution, compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and conformance to the requirements of our environmental management and quality systems.

What Sets Us Apart

At GER, we work with our clients so that our portion of their business is managed seamlessly and is worry free.

Once the business relationship is established, we will create and regularly provide reports for jointly established Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These will provide clear reporting of goods received and processed on a regular basis at a minimum.

  • Delivery Performance Metrics
  • Timely Processing Metrics
  • Certificates of Destruction Reports
  • Carbon Emissions Saved
  • Receipt and Processed Reports
  • Freight Tracking and Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Zero Waste Reporting

Our Values:

  • Conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Operate with the utmost integrity.
  • Treat all people with dignity & respect.
  • Listen to, and value each client and partner’s needs and input and communicate openly and honestly.

Our Mission:
To develop a world class operation that is mutually beneficial to our clients, while acting environmentally responsible by optimizing recovery and reuse opportunities and generating zero waste.

Our Vision:
To be the global leader in responsible electronic recycling by providing maximum value and eliminating environmental impacts.

Our Goal:
To offer an auditable, documented End of Life (EOL) management solution that minimizes landfill use, while creating win-win value.

Our Quality policy:
We are committed to meet or exceed our customer requirements and to provide continuous improvement to our processes. ISO 9001:2008 and RIOS Certified.

Our Environmental policy:
We are committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution, compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and conformance to the requirements of our environmental management system.  ISO 14001:2004 and R2:2013 Certified.

What Our Clients Say

I used GER to remove equipment, cabling, etc from our 2 Data Centers and 1 Switching Center across Metro Phoenix. They came in and in just a few days at each site had everything removed and even cleaned up the areas. Very impressive group of guys and they got the job done very quick.

Dan D., Client

GER is an organization who’s flexibility and responsiveness allows them to address even the most complex resale, asset recovery or recycling needs. Their professional team is dedicated to building solid partnerships and continuous improvement.

We have been working together since early 2008 and have built a solid partnership. I am confident they will deliver when recommending them to others.

Robert K., Client

You have been very flexible with our last minute requests, you are very personable and professional and I do really appreciate that!

Your staff is very professional and punctual and your facility is very organized and clean! I look forward to doing a lot more business with you.

Maryagnes B., Client