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Global Electronic Recycling™ (GER) is a leader in the electronic recycling industry focused on providing “Specialized Recycling Solutions” tailored for your company’s specific needs. We provide a wide range of service options to assist clients in the management of obsolete and recyclable materials through eco-friendly solutions and profitable end-markets. 

Let GER help you improve your corporate downstream by joining our numerous Fortune 500’s, US military and government agencies who benefit financially by partnering today.

A Partner You Can Trust

GER has improved our clients’ corporate, environmental compliance and complete brand protection since 1998. GER has established a reputation for quality and secure processing of client materials. We offer a robust Quality Management and Environmental Management System along with a complete Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) System. Our “Zero Landfill” approach ensures utmost corporate and social responsibility while saving the environment.

Security is also a critical part of our offering. All of our materials are managed in secure facilities and processed through GER’s certified and audited waste stream.

We are also very aware that in today’s environmentally conscious world it is important for companies to be compliant with all new regulations. Do you know where your excess, obsolete or unwanted materials end up at their end of life? Mistakes can be costly! We offer a host of services for many clients that provide solid financial returns and total brand protection. These include full recovery, re-use and re-sale of products and/or full destruction and responsible end to end recycling. GER maximizes the recovery value of each asset and component. Our industry leading processes are compliant with all local, state & federal regulations.

Our experience speaks for itself and we know what it takes to be a leader – click here to learn more!

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Latest News

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    City of Phoenix Electronic Collection Event

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    April 22nd is Earth Day!

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Our Certifications

GER is committed to meet or exceed our customer requirements by incorporating and maintaining both a robust Quality Management System and an Environmental Management system.

Services We Provide

  • Full Service Electronic Recycling
  • Complete Brand Protection
  • Full Material Destruction
  • Asset Recovery
  • B2B and B2C Services
  • End to End Material Management
  • Purchasing and Scheduling
  • Logistics and Freight Management
  • Certified Product Destruction
  • Full De-Manufacturing Services